UEMC welcomes visiting scientists and students and offers accommodation to a maximum of 36 people (12 in the researchers’ houses and 24 in the hostel).
Researchers’ houses are fully furnished with electricity, running water, self-contained bedrooms, cooking facilities, desks and sitting room. Each house has two double rooms.

The hostel has been inaugurated at the beginning of 2010 and consists of a dormitory with 4 rooms each accommodating up to 6 people. Adjacently is a fully equipped dining and kitchen block.
A large seminar room (150 sq. m) is also available for seminars and workshops by any organization or individual.

Visiting researchers have access to maps and resources in the office, including a small library and the Udzungwa GIS Database (UGISD). Computer, printing facilities and high-speed Satellite Internet connection are also available on request.

Please contact us well in advance for accommodation, especially in case of large groups.


Researchers’ house


Seminar room

$ 15 per day per person
$ 90 per week per person
$ 340 per month per person
$ 25, 150, 430 for couples per day, week and month, respectively

Tanzanian students/trainees:
8,000 TZS for Bed & Breakfast (minimum 20 people)
5,000 TZS for bedding only
5,000 TZS per meal (lunch or dinner)

$ 50 per day

Foreign students
(minimum of 10 people):
$ 20 for Bed & Breakfast
$ 12 per meal (lunch or dinner)


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