UEMC welcomes visiting scientists and students and offers accommodation to a maximum of 36 people (12 in the researchers’ houses and 24 in the hostel). Researchers’ houses are fully furnished with electricity, running water, self-contained bedrooms, cooking facilities, desks and sitting room. Each house has two double rooms. The hostel consists of a dormitory with 4 rooms each accommodating up to 6 people, and annexed to it is a fully equipped dining and kitchen block. A large seminar room (150 sq. m) is also available for seminars and workshops by any organization or individual. Visiting researchers have access to limited office space. Computer, printing facilities and Satellite Internet connection are also available on request.

Accommodation is only provided upon earlier booking. To make a booking, please refer to MUSE/UniFI, NHMD or TANAPA contacts here. Payment of accommodation fees for individual researchers lodged in the researchers' houses is done in cash directly at UEMC. Lodging of groups of international students and other visitors, instead, is only provided upon earlier arrangement and pre-payment, as dining services for groups of students that use the hostel are provided under MUSE/UniFI-NHMD responsibility, and cannot be self-organized. Accommodation in the hostel for groups of Tanzanian students can be self-organized upon pre-arrangements locally. The table below lists the current rates:

Researchers’ house


Seminar room

$ 15 per day per person
$ 90 per week per person
$ 340 per month per person
$ 25, 150, 430 for couples per day, week and month, respectively

$ 10 per night per student (bedding only)
Meals (minimum of 10 people):
$ 6 for breakfast
$ 12 per meal (lunch or dinner), including packed lunch

$ 50 per day

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